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Aerial View of Clouds
Aerial View of Clouds
Aerial View of Clouds


Elise Skyy Cosmetics is named after the CEO, Te'ona Ealy's two daughters, Peighton Skyy and Vallen Elise (pictured).  On May 22, 2010 , her first daughter Peighton Skyy was stillborn. She was unable to have a burial, and never really received any closure. In 2019 she received a prophecy regarding her operating in the beauty marketplace. She started doing research and working on building the brand. Wanting to  honor her late daughter and set up a legacy for her living daughter, Vallen Elise, Elise Skyy Cosmetics was born.


Te’ona is a worship leader, speaker and author. This line of work requires her to always be in the spotlight so looking good and being confident is a must. She has a love for make up and uplifting women so this is another way for her to do that. Elise Skyy Cosmetics motto is “Enhancing the Beauty in You”.



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